Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 204 - Kelowna - Vancouver

Distance travelled (by bike): 28,960

Slight change of plan, but it makes sense. There is a long weekend in Canada, accommodation has been booked way ahead of time, i didn't know this, so i was frantically trying to find somewhere to stay. With tyres waiting in Vancouver, a place to stay and a sister to return, a plan was hatched to drive west for the weekend. Get the maintenance done on the bike, new tyres fitted and see the family.
Leaving Kelowna early (as i was warned theta the traffic would get heavy later in the day) we headed west. 
Taking the highway i felt sorry for phoebe as although the scenery was still dramatic, we were racing past  on a 3 lane road. After a few stops we arrived on the outskirts of vancouver, to be met by huge traffic jams. Having had enough i decided to weave through the traffic (i think this is technically illegal in Canada), clearing the traffic a red flashing light illuminated my clocks, pulling over to fill with oil, Phoebe was convinced that something serious was wrong and we should call a tow truck. Oil in bike, red light off, Phoebe on edge we continues through Vancouver. Arriving at our destination i could hear Phoebe breath a sigh of relief. 

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