Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 187 - Bozeman - Great Falls

Distance travelled (by bike): 25,550

Setting of from Bozeman and heading north on one of Montana's scenic routes it was overcast and trying to rain, even in this light the scenery is huge and breathtaking. 
Stopping for fuel at White Sulphur Springs i met some bikers who were riding down from Alberta, they told me that a section of the mountain pass through Glacier National park was still shut due to the amount of snow. Although they did say that the park rangers hoped it would be clear in the next couple of days. - Fingers crossed as the pass it meant to be amazing.
Heading into the Lewis and Clark national forest (I was hoping, been in the US, it would be named after the fictional DC comics characters, but sadly its not!) I left the road and cut through on the tracks, fantastic! Passing through Neihart, an old silver mining town. After the railway stopped routes through these mountains, parts of the town, more of a settlement, were abandoned and remain that way, as have a lot of the surrounding mines. 
Back through the forest and on to Great Falls. Home to the shortest river in the world (guinness world records approved), the largest collection of model airplanes in the world and Big John, the cowboy muffler man. Unfortunately my camera was low on battery and ran out by the time i got to the airplane collection, bet you're disappointed!!

on one of the trails

disused mine 

big john

the shortest river in the world

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