Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 203 - Kelowna / BIg White

Distance travelled (by bike): 28,560

Day 203 - Deciding to get out of Kelowna we headed for Big White ski resort, having heard great things i was curious and though it would be worth a look. The drive was typically stunning, surrounded by trees, river running through the valley, a perfect advert for the rockies. Unfortunately we arrived at Big White unaware that the resort practically closes down for summer, becoming more of a construction site. Our plans to do some hiking or mountain biking were blown out the water, sadly nothing to do but turn around and head back.
On the way back to Kelowna we saw a cider farm that offered tours and tasting, perfect. After a detour we found the farm. Luck was not on our side today, the farm had stopped doing tours, the farm next door would, but reluctantly and from the description, you just walk through the orchard and drink some cider, soundd a bit like my teenage years again it. Dismissing the cider we returned to Kelowna opting to see the wine museum, which we were told was good. Again my opinion of good was hugely different to the person at the tourist info. By admission, the person at the museum told us as we entered that it was a huge embarrassment and handed us a glass of wine to somewhat take the edge off. He was right, so bad it was funny.

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