Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 183 - Jackson & around

Distance travelled (by bike): 24,370

Great day exploring Jackson and the surrounding area. 12 miles northwest of Jackson is Jackson hole, known for having some of the most challenging skiing terrain in the US. Taking the Arial tram up to the top of the mountain i met 2 people who were going skiing, backcountry style, they were determined to ski every month this year, with the amount of snow still on the mountain i think they have a good chance. The views from the top of the mountain were amazing. I need to return here in the winter.
Heading from Jackson hole into Great Teton national park, named after the tallied mountain in the Teton range which runs along the side of the park for over 40 miles. Winding through the park i was hoping to see one of the moose that live in the park, unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. However i did see buffalo and golden eagles. 
The park connects to Yellowstone through the Rockefeller Memorial Parkway, doing a huge loop through the Memorial Parkway, and avoiding Yellowstone (as i'm heading through there tomorrow) and returning into Teton. 
When driving along the dirt roads i noticed that the plastic around the bolts holding on the windshield had cracked, back in Jackson armed with a drill and zip ties the problem was soon fixed.

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