Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 193 - Banff - Radium Hot Springs (via Lake Louise)

Distance travelled (by bike): 27,130

Even early in the mooring Banff village is busy, deciding not to stop to properly look around i headed north to Lake Louise. Taking the scenic route rather than the highway paid off within minutes, a black bear and her cub ran across the road infront of me (unfortunately to quickly to get the camera out!) and later elk were grazing at the side of the road.
Seeing the tour buses parked up as i arrived at Lake Louise i realised i'd timed it wrong. After a coffee with mike and his son (fellow motorcyclists i met a the fuel station) and the crowds not departed, i decided to leave. 
Heading towards Radium Hot Springs, the scenic route. I'm sure sooner or later everyone looking at the photos will get 'fir tree fatigue' (to use Juliet Savage's phrase), they are everywhere in unimaginable numbers. (i apologise in advance, but they will be in a lot of photos). The views from the road across the valley were amazing. More bears on the side of the highway and a moose, although i'd been told they were big, i don't think i realised quite how big, they are huge!
In the evening i met 2 other bikers, just having a few days riding around. Sitting around the campfire we met Trisha, a grandmother from California who decided that she wanted to see alaska, so packed up her car, hitched the caravan took the dog and set off on her journey to the arctic circle.

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