Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 191 - Sandpoint - Fernie (Canada)

Distance travelled (by bike): 26,650

North to the border! Leaving Sandpoint earlier than i thought, (as at some point yesterday i  passed through a timezone) with the cloud hanging low in the sky and light rain i motored north. Arriving at the border in what seemed like minutes, after a quick chat with the US border officials i was waved through, with thanks for visiting their country. Entering Canada i had to answer about 20 questions, before been given the green light. The explanation that although the bike is from the UK, i am Canadian, yes i have duel nationality, no i won't sell the bike and yes i understand its all very confusing for you at this time in the morning.
First things first, breakfast, the cafe was recommended by the construction workers working at the the border, the cafe was actually on the border. Meeting the locals and an American who crosses the border for breakfast 3 times a week (he had to leave his gun in the US, but still proudly wore the holster). After a huge breakfast, which left me feeling ill when i saddled up again and headed into Canada.
Taking the Crowchild highway, i headed east. Predominantly framed by fir trees with the occasional glimpse of lakes the highway was spectacular, the cloud continued to hang, the sun trying to burst through, when i stopped for fuel i was told 'its just the way it is, man'. Eventually calling it a day at Fernie, encircled by the rocky mountains, originally a coal mining town, Fernie is now one of the largest ski resorts in Canada. As the evening closed in the clouds cleared, for the first time today i could see the tops of the surrounding mountains.  

a barbor shop, very cool - and its for sale!

oh Canada

the gut busting cafe on the border

one of the obstacles placed across the track to discourage people using them, as i found later for a reason...the road stopped

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