Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 179 - Kremmling - Granby

Distance travelled (by bike): 23,000

Leaving today i had no real plan, taking the route through Rocky Mountain National Park was a start. At the visitors centre i met Mark, (ex military) he is riding his motorcycle across the country to raise money for FisherHouse, a military and VA centre (much like the centres supported by Help for Heroes charity in the UK). He is keeping video diary of his trip, great way to document the journey.
Driving through the Park was painful by the normal standard, been a holiday there were a lot of people, but well worth the drive. The landscape was amazing, elk were grazing, and the snow melting.
Mark had mentioned that on the east side of the mountains the weather can change quickly, and it did. Getting soaked i headed south, away from the rain and hail, twisting through small towns. One of these towns was black hawk, an old mining town that had been converted into a casino resort, it was packed! 
At the end of the day i have managed to do a large circle, ending about 50 miles from where i started, but it was a spectacular drive, i managed to avoid most of the storms and met some great people along the way.

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