Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 192 - Fernie - Banff

Distance travelled (by bike): 26,920

Leaving Fernie the sun was beaming down, a great start to a fantastic day. Passing the last remaining wooden oil rig in BC dating from 1908. Driving east to see what other local treasure i could find it wasn't long before i passed through Sparwood, home to the largest truck in the world, it was used in the surrounding mine, but retired in 1990 as it was no longer cost effective. It is huge, able to hold 350 tonnes, each tyre 3.5 metres tall.
After a brief stop to appreciate the enormity of the vehicle i passed into Alberta, home to the second largest mall in the world. After speaking to some bikers coming the opposite direction i took the Cowboy Trail north, with the rocky mountains one side and the rolling hills of Alberta with the huge cattle ranches the other it was a beautiful drive. 
Stopping for fuel in Longview i was told that the 40 highway was really worth driving, it didn't disappoint. Leaving the highway i opted for the gravel roads taking me around Spray lakes reservoir. Eventually popping put at Canmore. 
It seems that the Canadians make the most of the weekends, people were out in force, sadly after talking to the people at the tourist information (who where hugely helpful) i was told that there was no room in or around town (on my budget, every campsite was full). A shame because it looked and felt like a fantastic town.
The silver lining was that Banff national park was only 10 miles up the road, arriving early evening, I was told that its one of the busiest weekends this year, (the thought of it been a weekend hadn't even crossed my mind. The sun rises, the sun sets) i was told that it's only going to get busier, so i might want to think about what day it is and booking ahead - we'll see!

the oil rig

the largest truck in the world

mountain sheep in the road


  1. Welcome to Canada Joe! See you in a few days...

  2. loving been in canada, have heard good things about neslon from fellow travellers, looking forward to it