Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 196 - Vernon - Rosebery

Distance travelled (by bike): 27,740

The plan was to meet BA (fellow adv. rider i met in Costa Rica) at his place in Nelson at the weekend, however i got an email saying he was working somewhere near Vernon, i should stop by, have some beers, dry out and plan some tracks for the weekend. Sounds great. Before leaving this morning i got another email form BA suggesting a route, one he'd never taken, but was curious to see if it was ridable and if so what it was like. 
Loving the challenge i set out, back tracking about 100 miles, taking the ferry back across  Arrow Lake and heading out of Nakusp until i found the dirt road BA had mentioned.
With the BA's directions i started to navigate my way along the tracks, after taking 2 wrong turns to dead ends, i found the track i wanted.
Amazing trail leading through the mountains and very dramatic scenery.  I saw a few deer, a bear and eagles, with hardly anyone using the roads nature ruled. The trails were mostly loose gravel and rocks, making for interesting riding in the wet on road tyres.
It was raining, so i had my rain gear on, unfortunately getting a bit to enthusiastic i nearly lost the bike going round a corner, putting my foot down to stabilise i managed to tear my waterproof trousers (which were hardly waterproof anyway). Rejoining the main road i headed straight for the town of New Denver and an outdoor shop. 
After an expensive, but vital purchase of replacement waterproofs i rode the last few miles to Rosebery, though BA was at work he had left instructions for breaking in.
While waiting i met the neighbour, Bill. Turns out a few years ago Bill bought a teepee and set it up in the garden. Amazing -  I now want a teepee. 
Was really good to see BA again and a good start to a long weekend (planning to kick back in Nelson with BA and his friends), relaxing with a few beers and gin & tonics in the teepee/wigwam. Decicing that a hike to the local waterfalls was in order before nightfall off we went, not the easiest of places to get to, but defiantly worth it.

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