Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 197 - Rosebery - Nelson

Distance travelled (by bike): 27,950

Rain! waking to torrential rain, for me a had a lazy mooring, leaving around 10. BA had suggested some routes to Nelson last night, at the time non looked appealing as it meant leaving the house and getting wet. 
Getting geared up and forcing myself onto the bike to ride what would/should have been one of the best biking roads ridden to date, unfortunately due to the amount of rain it became just another road. Arriving at ??? the rain had cleared, with this in mind i decided to take the long way round and get on the ferry (i was told in distance its the longest free ferry in the world) and head south towards the us border. Drying out and appreciating the scenery the scenery flew, soon finding it time to head back north. 
As i turned north the rain began, drifting into Nelson i followed BA's instruction to get to his house that were scrawled on a now sodden piece of paper.
'Follow the road up to the top of the hill' - Finding the property in a dream location perched overlooking the valley i was greeted by Jeff & Michele, BA's housemates and a few of the neighbours who happened to be at the house. With formalities over i was good to kick back and relax for the evening.

wet and unimpressed 

loaded on the ferry 

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