Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 195 - Revelstoke - Vernon

Distance travelled (by bike): 27,550

While the rest of Canada is having a heatwave this area of BC has decided to rebel with storms and torrents of rain. 
Leaving Revelstoke the weather held, clouds hanging low in the sky, but no rain. Crossing on the ferry from Shelter Bay to Galena the heavens opened driving south the rain intensified. This area of BC is stunning, even in the rain, however there comes a point where the rain intensified and visibility was so bad i could only see about 100 metres infront of me. This was how the day continued, amazing amount of rain, i seems like one of the wettest days so far on these travels.
This, i decided was not a day to be pitching the already wet tent. Finding a motel i hung the tent and bike gear up to dry while trying to dry socks and  gloves in the microwave, the boots wouldn't fit and remain soaked.

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