Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 194 - Radium Hot Springs - Revelstoke

Distance travelled (by bike): 27,320

Huge thunderstorms took up residency in the rockies last night. The thunder was amazingly loud, shaking the ground, the lightning illuminating the valley while the rain hammered down all of this was intensified by the wind. I decided it was times like this when the guy (or guide) ropes should be used. After a small battle, the tent was secured. 
Waking this morning the storm had passed but the rain decided to stay, driving though the rain i headed to Revelstoke. With the addition of the rain and cloud the landscape really was dramatic.
Stopping at Golden for fuel i got talking the local sherif and a fireman, both of them rode motorcycles and mostly off road. The sherif became visibly more alert as the Hells Angels rocked in for fuel, as they left he relaxed. After a quick look at Kicking Horse ski resort I left Golden behind, the mountains of Glacier National Park beckoned. 
Glacier National Park is dominated by 10 peaks with steep rugged mountains, as the name suggests it contains extensively glaciated areas. I was told by one of the rangers that the highway through the park is monitored by the the most advanced avalanche control system in the world. 
Exiting the park it was a straight ride to Revelstoke, which holds the the Canadian record of the most snow in one winter, 2447cm in the 1970's.

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