Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 177 - Santa Fe - Frisco

Distance travelled (by bike): 22,480 

I seriously underestimated the whole 4th July thing in the states!
Leaving Santa Fe and heading north the sun was shining, the temperature had dropped, a perfect day for riding, though I ended up riding further than I expected. 
Spending most of the day off road following trails north though stunning scenery, forests, rivers, snow covered mountain passes. It was on one of these trails that i met one of the park rangers, and it was here the realisation of how big the 4th of july weekend was hit me. When I asked about camping, the ranger told me all spots were booked and there was no backcountry camping due to fire risks, the fines were huge!
The trails were amazing, for the second time in a few weeks i was riding trails that still had snow. Passing abandoned villages, some very startled deer and then i ran over a chipmunk, not good for grip on these tacks, after a quick drive through a stream the tyres were clean and I continued.
After a minor panic about running out of fuel (used all the auxiliary tanks) i returned to the road, having filled up i stated to search for somewhere to stay. Turns out this area of Colorado (crossed from New Mexico this morning) is hugely popular, quite rightly so, it also turns out that the Americans are organised and had pre booked pretty much everywhere for the weekend. 
Passing through towns and villages the same answer, no vacancies - didn't i know, its the 4th July weekend!! - i do know, thanks!

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