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Riders and travellers i have met on my travels (If i have missed you out let me know):

Rob & Rob:
The first people i met off the plane in Argentina. They had ridden down from Canada and were heading over to Africa. Fantastic guys, exploring Buenos Aires with them in the day and getting advice and suggestions on places to see and stay on the journey north

Alberto & Naomi:
Meeting them at the BMW dealer in Lima, Peru, i though i had engine problems, mine was nothing compared to their's, they needed two new engines. As they also had BMW F800GS bikes it did put me on edge for a while.

Whilst in residence of the pub in Medellin John rocked up with a fully loaded bike. Spent a few days chilling around Medellin while my bike was been repaired. John's travels make my adventure look like a holiday!!

Was also resident of the pub in Medellin, Columbia as he waited for parts to arrive for his bike. Having been on the road for over 2 years he's had some epic adventures.

BA :
I met BA in Costa Rica. He was travelling from Canada to Panama and back up. When you see a bike with a surf board strapped to it you know that person is worth meeting. I recently stayed with BA at his home town of  Nelson BC, i now consider him a brother!

We crossed paths up through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Having lived in Nicaragua a couple of years ago and ridden down from New York to Panama and now heading up i got some great routes, border advice and must see places from him.

Tom and Alex: 
saw my bike parked at a hostel in Mexico when frantically trying to find somewhere to stay. I spent a couple of days relaxing with them before they headed south and i set off north

Ingrid & Joerg (& Arminius):
No one can miss the huge truck that is Arminius! When i met Ingrid & Joerg they were without the truck for a few days in Copper Canyon, Mexico.
They have been undertaking an epic tour of, well, anywhere they want to go in the huge Unimog.