Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 180 - Granby - Custer

Distance travelled (by bike): 23,470

Today was a big day. I blame Alex, when i told her i only had a rough plan for the day she suggested that Mount Rushmore would be worth a look, i'm sure it looked close on the computer, sitting under the sun in the Bahamas. A quick glance at the map i figured it could be done, it would be a good drive and its the 4th of july, what better place to be! 
Leaving the mountains of Colarado driving up through the plains of Wyoming, into the grasslands of Nabraska and finally into the black mountions of South Dakota, amazing day driving through four states, four different types of landscape and been stopped for speeding.
Stopping for fuel in Nabraska i was told 'Sweetie, there's not much to see in this state, apart from Yellowstone, and its west' (i was heading north east). The plains just continue, feel like they are never ending, beautiful, but they get boring. Passing into Nabraska, i entered the grasslands, maybe you have to be a local or an expert to know the difference between the plains and grassland, for the most part i couldn't. It was here that i saw the flashing lights of the state troopers supercharged Dodge Charger in my mirrors. Once pulled over i was informed i was speeding, (i was) after handing over all the documentation and a 10 minute wait, Trooper Olson decided to let me off with a warning.
Feeling very lucky i headed into South Dakota, the black mountains, they were very black when i approached them, huge storms overhead (Alex, why did i listen to you?). Waterproofs may protect you from the rain, but not from lightning. With the waterproofs on i felt smug as i passed some bikers in t-shirts huddled under the trees for shelter, in the end they had to have made a run for it, as its still raining.
Arriving at Custer i was going to drive up to Mount Rushmore to see the fireworks, however my plans were ruined as the fireworks had been cancelled! 
Losing the light, with the thunder still crashing, rain pounding and lighting illuminating the sky i decided that Mount Rushmore could wait until tomorrow. The Custer 4th of july fireworks display wasn't quite what i'd imagined when i set off this morning, but regardless of the rain people turned out to watch and celebrate. 
Regardless of the rain the lighting managed to cause havoc keeping emergency services and park/forest rangers really busy.

the written warning

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