Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 186 - Yellowstone - Bozeman

Distance travelled (by bike): 25,270

Yellowstone extends into three states, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Meandering through the park i exited into Montana, 'Big sky country'. The state of Montana is larger than England. 
Leaving the park i was in a stand off with a bison, seemed he didn't like the tourists. It took a park ranger to drive up and somehow move him from the road before traffic could resume, even when the traffic moved it was really slow as people stopped to take pictures of the bison.
The 'Big sky country' lives up to its name, amazing scenery as i drove through.
From what i saw today (in this area), on a nice sunday the activity most people take part in is to gather with friends and family, get large inner tubes, beers and get someone to drive you all up river, then float float back down the river in the innertubes sipping beers. Not a bad way to spend a sunny sunday.

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