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Day 198/199/200 - Nelson

Distance travelled (by bike): 28,200

BA's take on things:

Joe Jackson.  BMW rider, tea drinker, Adventure traveler and cool dude all round.  Me.  BA Belton.  Team Canada.  KLR Moto-rider and big-time BMW jealous, until it comes to shop bills.  And now... a guest writer!  I'm all fired up and honored to be plugging a lil somethin' somethin' on Joe's blog, a few words and a few thoughts.  Nice.  It was an absolute pleasure to bump into Mr. Joe Jackson back in Costa Rica.  It was the end of April, which now seems so long ago.  I've now been back from my Canada to the Panama Canal MotoSurfTrip for roughly 2 months.  Oh yeah... my plug:  Don't forget to check out my little 20,054km adventure here: 

April in Costa Rica

It seems like so long ago since I was cruising on my own motorcycle on an solo adventure of a lifetime.  When I discovered that Joe was riding north from Argentina to Alaska, I tried to convince him on his route north, that he HAD to stop into Nelson, British Columbia to spend a bit of time here before venturing off to Alaska.  I have been following Joe's Blog... THIS ONE... since we met and I was stoked when Joe had arrived to the US of A and then into Canada about 2 weeks ago.  When we planned to meet, I wanted to organize a weekend o' fun and it fully fell together.  I didn't do much to be honest and I told Joe that he would fit into exactly what was happening in this area regardless and I just incorporated him into that plan with absolute ease. 

I'm not going to lie.  This weekend was SO fun.  I'm coming out of it feeling like a right rock-star.  My spirits have been lifted and the air seems clear all thanks to Joe.  Speaking of rock-star, Joe was a full rock-star this weekend.  Up for everything I threw at him with the hugest smile and enthusiasm to boot.  He managed this from start to finish and I think he is a true natural at it.  We ripped our motos good.  We solved some of the worlds problems.  I debriefed him on the challenges of finishing my trip and getting back into life at home.  And from music fests in the local forests, a hike to a waterfall, eating good food, drinking some ales, paddling down some classy whitewater... I'm pretty sure we packed it into a tight and true Kootenays of British Columbia package.  I have reason to believe Joe had a good time too.  

 one of the rides through the mountians

Joe - thanks for making the stop.  Fantastic to get to know you better.  And as the Barista at the coffee shop this morning asked... 'Are you guys brothers', you are my brother... from another mother.  I'm pretty sure I'll be landing in London at one point down the road here to follow this up.  I look forward to it.  Good friendship, a couple motorcycles, some laughs, and some ales on the side.  It is a simple equation.

Thanks for popping by Joe.  It was a fun filled weekend and I look forward to our next reunion.  I'm thinking a 'breakfast ride' to France or something... no big deal. 

Safe travels to Alaska.  Enjoy the rest of your adventure, every last minute of it.    

BA at the festival - go team Canada

'Dear diary...'
Day 198 - To say BA is an amazing host would be an understatement. Throughout the weekend i hardly had to think, plans had been made and events organised. After the official BA tour of Nelson, It was back on the bikes to explore some of the trails around Nelson heading towards Slocan for a mini music festival. 
As the logging roads started to climb we were soon in the snow, but what goes up has to come down, taking a few wrong turns, we eventually had to backtrack, popping out on the highway a few miles from the festival.
The 'Littlefest' festival has a maximum of 500 people and is located in the middle of the forest, no motor vehicles are allowed within the site. After meeting BA's friends (who embraced me like a long lost brother) and what seemed like most of Nelson, we set up camp and went in search of food and drink. As the night closed in the only light was from the stage and surrounding tents. Amazing and slightly surreal experience.
When the music had finished, with no light it became a mission to find the tents with Mission accomplished, time for shut eye.

the face off

BA hammering through the water

near the snow line

festival camping

Day 199 - After the hedonistic night it was a slow start to the day and slow ride back to the ranch. Summer has arrived - sun shinning. Having gather ourself BA was determined to get me paddling (kayaking) on the river (he is an expert kayaker). 
Once kitted out we set off to the river, having never paddled before this became somewhat a baptism of fire. BA did tell me there were some 'small' rapids we would have to conquer and i'm sure to him they were small. Safety talk done we headed down steam. First few rapids done i was confident, it was then that i was told that S bend rapid was ahead and its a class 3, 'but it shouldn't be a problem, just paddle'. Doing as i was told i managed navigate it and not to capsize. 
Great way to spend the afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed. It would have been rude not to celebrate my achievement, so we headed to the pub.

removing the bike from the undergrowth 

here we go...

paddle joe, paddle

the reward

Day 200 - Joining the newly established Nelson adv bikers for coffee and a ride out into the trails around nelson. Consisting of only 3 member (BA, Dan, Megan) i quickly felt part of the family. Taking roads unknown we weaved through the mountains, fantastic riding. As the day rolled on, the sun shone and we were getting hot. The remedy,  pull over at the river for a a few hours to swim. 
Returning back to the house i started packing the panniers up and reattaching, sadly the weekend can't last forever. Tomorrow the journey continues.

Me and dan

what happened when BA started trying stunts

the gang

Ba and I at one of the coffee shops

road closed - who knew?

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