Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 190 - Kalispell - Sandpoint

Distance travelled (by bike): 26,430

From Kelispell i drove north, through some of the national forests. When i was leaving Kalispell i met Danielle, i fellow adventure rider from British Columbia, a professor in term time, adventure rider in the time off. She is and has travelled solo on her motorcycle extensively through the states and beyond.
Travelling through the forest back roads i stopped at a lake and bumped into two old boys, Hank and Benjamin who had been fishing since the early hours. Helping them pull the boat out of the lake i was rewarded with coffee and whiskey (the later of which i declined as it was 10am)
Emerging from the back roads i followed the highway south, passing numerous dams, then cutting back onto the forests and back roads to see the ancient red cedars. Nestled in a rainforest atmosphere, the 100 acre park is home to trees over 12ft in diameter and over 200ft tall.
Leaving the rainforest atmosphere behind and taking the scenic route through to Standpoint. Here i met Trey, who had been a physicist in the US army working under the intelligence umbrella. He had left his job and decided to travel across the US cleaning windows and doing odd jobs to earn his keep while writing a book about the experience. A bizarre evening.

the old boys

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