Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 189 - East Glacier - Kalispell

Distance travelled (by bike): 26,100

Great day, leaving East Glacier i headed up to the park with fingers crossed hoping the pass would be open. After passing the worlds largest purple spoon, it was a short drive to the park entrance. Amazing news, the pass had opened less than an hour ago, the first day this year and would be closing again tomorrow for another week due to all the maintenance needed.
The 'Going to the sun road' was incredible, with snow still lining the roads, the melting creating waterfalls and mountain goats roaming anywhere they chose. After a few hours of driving through the park surrounded by stunning scenery i passed through the exit, deciding to carry on driving the scenic route i took the road around Flathead Lake, passing through such towns as Hungary Horse, Big Arm, and Bigfork. This route, like the drive through the park was amazing!

the worlds largest purple spoon

concrete wigwam for sale, if anyone's interested? 

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