Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 147 - Tijuana - The Magic Kingdom (Los Angeles)

Distance travelled (by bike): 18,330

Leaving Tijuana in the morning i managed to navigate my way through the horrific traffic to the border frontier, only to find the mexican customs for the vehicle was two block behind me. I had to go through the US border and re enter mexico to find the customs in so i could export the bike. Customs checked i reentered the traffic to get into the US. At the border i was detained and the bike searched. After an hour and a half of checking the bike and questioning me about my travels i was allowed to enter the US. Welcome to the US, huge 10 lane highway, heading north on route 5 i swung through San Diego towards Los Angeles. The Magic Kingdom was nicely signed from the highway, kingdom found i found somewhere to stay and got the tickets for a couple of days of Disney magic.

*no photos as the camera battery was dead

the approach to the US border (the only photo)

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