Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 120/121 - Leon - San Salvador (El Salvador, via Honduras)/San Salvador

Distance travelled (by bike): 12,400

Long day, setting of from Leon at 5.30ish i arrived at the honduras border at 7am, from what i heard i though it would be the worst crossing so far. Not so i was cleared within 45 minutes, with no help. Having been stopped by the police 4 time for paperwork etc i arrived at the Honduras/El Salvador border, this took more time the office were 4km apart. 
It was here, looking back that my signet ring was very skilfully stolen. With lots of people trying to get me to use them as 'helpers' and been incredibly hot and sweaty in hindsight was easy for anyone who was shaking hands etc. to have subtly removed the ring. I didn't realise it was gone until i took my gloves of at San Salvador. I was livid, upset and gutted. I now have a personal grudge against the Honduras / El Salvador border!
Once in El Salvador i was going to stop for the night in San Miguel, but i was enjoying the ride so i continued on to San Salvador. I know I was told by many people, but on my journey through i agree that El Salvador hasn't got much verity to offer, however the people are amazingly friendly. As i arrived into San Salvador i was greeted with a huge storm, spurring me on i soon found somewhere to stay and dry out. 

leaving Nicaragua 

the mist over the rural lands

lone bike at the border (nicaragua/honduras)

hi & bye

a tiny bit of honduras (between the police stops)

the bridge over to the El Salvador customs

could be anywhere in the world!

Storm brewing in San Salvador

Day 117 - San Salvador

After the epic day yesterday i decided to stay in San Salvador. A relatively lazy day wandering the city. San Salvador is the third largest city in Central America, surrounded by volcanoes and prone to earthquakes, so i'm told. Luckily it was cooler today 33 degrees, still not a pleasant temperature for me though. A very western city, hugely US influence (currency is dollars), you can see the development of the city through the architecture and the expanding suburbs. The Business district is all newly built with guards on every building, Mc Donalds and other fast food outlets on the corners. I was warned about the crime here, i was told in some areas the gangs run the streets, this is apparently the same in Santa Ana 50 miles north. I decided to play it safe and avoid those areas. 

National Theatre, one of the national icons

the icon of San Salvador - the saviour of the world icon

looking at the volcano on a good day

views over the city

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  1. I hope that wasn't the ring I gave you as a token of our enduring love over distance and time Joe!? Seriously though, that is a bummer. Put it down as all part of the adventure my friend and whatever sentimental value it has is now part of the ride.