Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 145 & 146 - La Paz - San Ignacio - Tijuana

Day 145 - La Paz - San Ignacio

Distance travelled (by bike): 17,680

Seeing the mexican bikers hit the booze hard last night i knew i wouldn't be riding with them today. Jorge apologised to me, and hoped they would catch me up. He hadn't been drinking last night and wanted to be heading north with me.
Leaving La Paz behind i followed route 1, cutting across the peninsular to Constitucion (Pacific side), then cut back to across the peninsular to Loreto and continue to drive up the coast of the Golf of California. The scenery inland was desert, lots of sand and lots of cacti. The Golf of California is amazing, beautiful blue water and incredibly clear. The wind was howling though the Baja, i felt like i should have been on a horse as the tumble weeds were blown over the road in front of me.
I decided to stop in San Ignacio, half way up the  peninsular route 1 cuts back across to the pacific, San Ignacio is right in the middle. 

Day 146 -  San Ignacio - Tijuana

Distance travelled (by bike): 18,130

Another big day, i set off with the intention of stopping along the golf of California coast. But when i got to the turn off i found 2 army hummers with machine guns mounted on them blocking the way. I was told that i couldn't take the road (the only one that has access to that part of the peninsular) and if i wanted to go i would have to go around. That detour would take all day. As i was driving i thought about it and decided against it, instead i continued north to Tijuana. The wind was bitter as it hit me from the pacific, occasionally knocking me and the bike across the road. Through the course of the day i went through 5 army control points, at each one i had to open the panniers, i didn't mind, but the drivers behind me who were held up as i repacked, locked, then tied the pairs down didn't seem to like the hold up!
Arriving late at Tijuana i found somewhere to stay ready for tomorrows onslaught of US customs.

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