Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 138 - Oaxaca - Teotihaucan de Arista

Distance travelled (by bike): 15,470

It was cold when i left Oaxaca, lots of fog, but no traffic. I decided to take the toll roads to speed up the journey, defiantly worth it as it only took 6 hours rather than 10. 
I arrived just after lunch, having been told that i couldn't go to mexico and not see Teotihaucan. Its the biggest excavated archaeological site in Mexico (the site covers a total surface area of 83km2), home to the second largest pyramid in the new world. The spine of the city is the 'Avenue of the Dead' which stretches for 4km, flanked on both sides by ceremonial platforms and temples. At its peak they think the city housed roughly 250,000 people. There were lots of people, the busiest tourist attraction i have ben to so far on the journey.
Leaving the site behind i headed into town. As i arrived the main street was closed, i went to investigate and was told by the police that there was a big bike meeting, 'was this not why i was here?". Fantastic! The main street was been used as a drag racing strip, i had to have a go. I lined up (fully loaded) next to some Harley and predictably easily beat him. I ended up drinking beers with several different gangs or chapters of larger gangs, then as the evening drew in most people departed, i headed to the hostel.

sunrise over the mountains

riding through the valleys

Pyramid of the sun

view from pyramid of the moon to pyramid of the sun

the platforms down the side of avenue of the dead

pyramid of the sun

view down the avenue of the dead to the pyramid of the moon

getting in line to race

two people about to race

leader of the pack

one of the gangs

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