Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 132 - Corozal - Palanque

Distance travelled (by bike): 14,300

Crossing the border took longer than i thought it would, it turned out that the vehicle import office didn't open until 9am, so i ended up sitting and waiting. The procedure took a bit longer as i had to get photocopies of everything, which meant walking out of customs, up the street and wait for the copy shop to open. 
With the border cleared i started the to pound the miles through mexico, the scenery was quite baron, the roads littered with speed bumps. As the day got hot and hazy i started to appreciate how big Mexico is, on the map i covered a tiny distance. As i crossed the border into the Chiapas region the scenery changed from flat and arid to undulating and green. Having driven for about 8-9 hours i arrived at Palanque town, which is not the most pleasant place, dusty and humid. Having driven through i decided to stay out of town on the road to the Maya ruins. 

waiting at the border

hot and hazy

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