Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 144 - La Paz - Cabo San Lucas - La Paz

Distance travelled (by bike): 17,230

Waking up to an announcement in spanish over the ferries PA system around 6am i went in searched for tea of coffee. I found the latter, nescafe, at $3 a cup. For this you got given the hot water and a spoon and made it yourself. Not great, but better than nothing.
I was one of the last to leave the ferry as the bike was parked down in the depths, emerging into the sunlight i was directed to a nice long line of vehicles awaiting another search by the army. 
An hour later with the bike searched i was ready to leave. Looking at the map i saw that Cabo San Lucas was only 100 miles south (on the southern most tip of the Baja peninsular). This, i though would be a good place for brunch. The day was hot and most of the scenery desert until i hit the coast, wow, beautiful beaches, but very very touristy.
Brunch over i toyed with the idea of staying for the day, but decided against it. Driving from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos the road skirts along the Pacific Ocean, the change in temperature was amazing, suddenly a cool , almost cold wind was hitting me. 
From Lucas to Todos i completed the circle and returned to La Paz for the night. Arriving i met 5 Mexican bikers who are also heading north. I was invited to join them riding north, i agreed, although i think they are travelling quicker than i am, so maybe only one day riding togather!

sunrise from the ferry

the beach at la paz

sinking ship in la paz harbour 

desert along the way

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