Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 122 - San Salvador - Guatemala City (Guatemala)

Distance travelled (by bike): 12,650

Leaving San Salvador behind i stopped at Joya de Ceren to see the Pre columbian Maya farming village, the only UNESCO world heritage site in El Salvador. The village was preserved under layers of volcanic ash, the site was discovered in 1976 and is still being excavated. Though the site is small in comparison to other sites it was worth the visit, especially as i got a tour with two of the archaeologist working on the site. So far over 70 buildings have been uncovered, most still not open to the public. 

part of the irrigation system 

looking out from the museum 

From Joya de Ceren it was an easy drive to Guatemala. The border crossing was amazingly easy, friendly and quick. Even though i had to wait at the Guatemalan side for someone to process the bike the combination of freshly squeezed orange juice, some local music, friendly people and a working fan meant the wait was no problem, enjoyable even. Cleared into Guatemala i headed straight for Guatemala city and the BMW dealer. The front brake calliper has been wearing into the brake disk, not good and dangerous, but i was told that it should hold until Guatemala. 
Guatemala is beautiful, the contrast between El Salvador, its unbelievable, green, lush and interesting scenery. The road just kept getting better the further i drove. Arriving at the BMW dealer i left the bike on its stand, it proceeded to fall off the stand. Not a good first impression! As the dealer is slightly out of the city i decided to stay in the area rather than get a taxi into the centre.

the only vehicle at the Guatemala border crossing

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