Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 136 - San Cristobal - Oaxaca

Distance travelled (by bike): 15,070

The party in the house next door finishing as i set off this morning. With the sky still dark i set off to Oaxaca, roughly estimating it would take about 8 hours.  It took a bit longer as i took some unexpected diversions. 
I decided try and take the quickest route possible, this involved toll roads. i had been warned that the costs soon add up, and yes they do. 
Along the way i was stopped at every military check point, routine, i was told, but more so they could have a look at the bike have a chat and get me to open all the panniers so they could see inside. When they were bored i was waved on.
The road took me through the mountain, into what i'd classify as a desert, the roads varied, some hugely long straight sections, then the last 150 miles were really twisty, hairpin bends, no barriers and big drops.
Throughout the day i was stopping and starting to put rain gear on, then take it off once the rain stopped, it gets really hot with all the layers on!
The route from the outskirts of Oaxana to the hostel took an hour, the traffic and the heat were horrific, i have decided to try and avoid city driving from this point on!

the road this morning

approaching the rain

the road below me

church of san domingo 

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