Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 148 & 149 - The Magic Kingdom

Spending two days being a proper tourist at Disneyland.
You have to love Disney! The amusement parks are second to none and the rides are epic! Spending two days relaxing, escaping reality and being a big kid. Taking time out to exploring the magic kingdom, ride nearly every roller coaster, watching parades and entering into the disney spirit - loads of fun. Though not quite to the excess 95% of the other people at the park, i think for some people Disney has become an obsession.
When i was driving around I got stopped for 'Lane Sharing' by the police, this is when you filter through traffic to get to the front (pure habit from living in London) apparently its technically illegal in California. 
After a chat, and the bike being examined i was let off, but warned that my front tire was getting very close to illegal. Being a local fountain of Knowledge the police officer told me the closest place to get a new one. Really not happy as i have tyres waiting at Las Vegas, but equally i don't want a fine, so needs must, new tyre tomorrow.


the muppets 3d ride, i though the entrance was appropriate  

one of the original lion king illustrations

monsters Inc. at the parade

a bugs life

the disney ferris wheel

monsters inc.

entrance to the magic kingdom


captain hook

donald duck




one of the night parades

toon town

a small world (yes katie, all i could think about was the family guy episode)

space mountain at night

pirates of the caribbean 

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