Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 139 - Teotihaucan de Arista - Zacatecas

Distance travelled (by bike): 15,900

Another early start, but it really make a difference later in the day. Big day, over 400 miles chewed up, most of it on the toll roads, these are not as much fun as the smaller roads, and the cost really adds up, but if you actually want to get somewhere this is 10 times quicker, and usually without much stoping and starting. 
After a few hours had blown by I got pulled over at two of the military check points, the usual, open the panniers, pull stuff out, tell them where your going and have come from, produce the import paper, then on your way. Shortly after the second check point i was pulled over by the police, lights and sirens blazing. This time just to make sure my paperwork was in order. 
The speed limit in mexico (on the highways) is 110km per hour, when i pulled away from the police i stuck to 110, the police cruising behind me. I was over taken by nearly everything else on the road (including trucks/HGVs/buses) and the police didn't seem to care, so i decided to speed up and go with the traffic, the police waved bye to me!!
A brief stop in Leon then onto Zacatecas. 
Finding the hostel at Zacatecas was hugely frustrating and hot, a maze of one way streets, dead ends and some useless directions. I eventually made it and collapsed! From what i saw while driving Zacatecas looks beautiful (the centre is aa world heritage site), after 800 miles in 2 days i have decided to stay tomorrow and look around.

Plaza de los Mártires, Leon

on the road heading north

just desert!!

the view from the roof of the hostel

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