Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 141 - Zacatecas - Creel

Distance travelled (by bike): 16,550

Massive day! the biggest distance i've ridden this trip, over 650 miles, longest day in the saddle, 12 hours. Setting of from Zacatecas i took more of the toll roads north, Mexico really is a huge country. The plan was to stop 200 miles south of Creel, but like most things this trip they change when i took a wrong turn and missed the place i had wanted to stay. A beautiful day on top of been stubborn and not wanting to turn around, i carried on.
On the way i met a Canadian, Arden, who lives in Mexico, he was riding his bike back form Canada. After a brief chat on the side if the highway we both parted our separate ways.
Exiting the toll i cut across country, but like i said above i missed the turn in needed, so i carried on. The landscape was amazing, the flat land i had ridden straight though on the toll roads was tossed to one side replaced buy stunning rolling meadow followed by dramatic canyons and cliffs, with the roads cutting and twisting through. Some of the best roads i've ridden. I rolled into creel exhausted, but with a huge grin plastered across my face.
In the evening i met a German couple, Ingrid and Joerg who are driving around the world in a huge ex army truck  ( Mercedes Benz Unimog) converted to a camper, worth a look:

looking from the toll road towards the mountains

Arden and his bike

leaving the toll roads, the scenery starts to change

smoke raising from the burning trees below

over looking the valley

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