Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 140 - Zacatecas

Being a proper tourist for the day!
Zacatecas is a former mining town/city .The largest silver mine in the world is now located 20 miles away in Real de Angeles, it produces 220 tonnes of silver a day. 
The riches of the mining are reflected in the cities architecture, most of which is colonial, as mentioned yesterday the centre of the city is a world heritage site. In my opinion this is the best city in mexico (so far), its very laid back, the locals are friendly and there is lots to see and do.
I spent the day wondering around seeing the sites, this place has a lot of churches, all of which ring the bells at various times of the day. As the day started getting hot i opted for a mine tour. I was driven by a mini train into the mine and shown around by an ex minor, the mine is no longer working and geared up for tourists, the polar opposite to the mine tour in Potosi. The mine did have a bar and nightclub in it, though it is only open at weekends and for special events.
Leaving the mine i took the cable car across the city (the car runs between the two largest hills surrounding the city) to Cerro de la Buffa and Plaza de laRevolucio, This Plaza and museum commemorate the Battle of Zacatecas during the Mexican revolution. From there a steep decent back into the city to find somewhere in the shade for dinner.

cathedral at night

the square outside the cathedral 

a bronze statue of a minor, presented by the US

in the mine looking down at the river below

view over zacatecas

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