Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 129 - Tikal - Belize City (Belize)

Distance traveled (by bike): 13,650

Having had a horrific night sleep i was in the park (Tikal) by 6am. Having wondered around for a few hours and seen most of what there was on offer i headed back to the hostel. I was going to stay tonight in Tikal/Flores, but as it was only 9am i decided to get the bike gear on and head to the border (an uneventful ride). Clearing the Guatemalan customs was easy, the Belize customs not so easy. Having got the stamp in my passport i then had to import my bike, the customs lady was irritated that i had disturbed her eating fried chicken, not  a good start. when asked how long i would be staying i said about a week, the customs lady told me i had 4 days, because she is the person who decides how long people stay! Leaving customs i had to get insurance, hugely expensive for my 4 days, but a simple process. From the border i cut straight across the country to Belize City, with only 4 days i could't be hanging about.
Belize city is more of a town, a Caribbean town, clapboard houses are stood on piles (from when the river used to flood) with newer houses nestled in-between. The hole area has a hugely laid back feel, part of the enormous Caribbean influence.

the road leading to Belize

The road inside Belize - watch out for the crazy cyclists 

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