Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 142 - Creel / Copper Canyon

Distance travelled (by bike): 16,750

Today was spent exploring the area that is Copper Canyon, one day is nowhere near enough to see a fraction of what on offer. Copper Canyon is made up of six canyons. The overall system is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.
Amazing day of riding random trails though the canyons, getting lost, finding an exit and doing it all again. Stunning, stunning scenery, this is a must if anyone comes to mexico. The evening was spent trying to find out if the route to Los Mochis is possible, the outcome is 50/50, so i think it is worth a try!

view into the canyon 

one of the roads twisting up the mountain 

monks valley

mushroom valley

straddling the train tracks, with the train approaching (not intentional) 

looking down onto the train track

looking into the canyon

parked on the edge of the canyon

one of the trails

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