Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 135 - San Cristobal/Sumidero Canyon

Distance travelled (by bike): 14,600

Driving from San Cristobal to Sumidero Canyon you can see across the agricultural plains of the Chiapas region, from what i could see it was arid and hazy, the local farmers burning off some of the fields (to stop and take a photo would have been suicidal). 
Sumidero Canyon is more 1000 metres deep, the native warriors unable to endure the Spanish conquest would hurl themselves into the chasm rather than submit. I took a boat along the river which winds through the canyon and ending at a hydro electric dam, which is reason for the amount of water in the canyon and something which give the locals a lot of pride. Through the canyon pelicans and vultures were flying high above, crocodiles swimming in the water and monkeys swinging in the trees along side. Travelling down river surrounded buy 1000 metre rock walls was an incredible feeling, it wasn't really until a helicopter flew down the Canyon and i had some sense of scale that realised the sheer scale of the canyon.

looking down into the canyon


a shrine in the rock face


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