Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 124/125 - Guatemala City - Antigua/Antigua

Distance travelled (by bike): 12,720

Another morning at the BMW dealer, eventually the bike appeared, all the parts replaced, the stand repaired. Nice expensive morning. But the bike was fixed and running well, nothing else mattered. Leaving Guatemala city having navigated and survived the one way streets, crazy road markings and buses i headed to Antigua. The distance isn't far, but i decided to take the scenic route and get off the motorway. Antigua is A UNESCO world heritage site, founded in 1543 it is said to have been the finest city in Central America in the 16th/17th century and was the capital city. Having been heavily damaged in earthquakes the capital was moved to Guatemala city, along with a lot of Antigua's treasures. The city is dominated by colonial architecture, the buildings, most only 2 storeys, painted in ochre shades looking onto cobbled streets. A Beautiful City.

*images are low quality


  1. Joe, if you are going to Lago Ititlán, you will enjoy staying in the town of Panajachel, at the El Cacique hotel. Say hi to Sr. Emelio, the person who runs the hotel and who speaks perfect English.


  2. Oops, that should be Lago Atitlán, as you know. By the way, a boat ride around the lake, visiting the "Apostles" villages is very interesting.