Thursday, April 7, 2011

Days 88/89/90/91/92/93/94 - Bahamas

Bahamas - hard life! 

Quick summary of the diversion to the bahamas, as its not been done on the bike.

After a frantic scramble to get through the US customs to catch the connecting flight to the bahamas, with 20 minute to spare. I met Fred at the majoito bar next to the gate. Armed with mojitos we boarded the plane. 

the mojito bar, maimi airport

Arriving at Freeport we discovered Freds luggage was still in Maimi, but all was forgotten when we walked into the arrivals area to be greeted by Tania, Alex and Adam armed with rum and cokes for the travellers.

Bahamas is a party island, or maybe its just the people i was with. Incredible hospitality from the whole Hamilton family, Thank you all.
When i was told the itinerary for the week i was already exhausted. So much to do, and all worked around a wedding, 3 birthdays and a surprise party. Sunday Bahamas style consisted of packing up a picnic and taking the boat to meet friends one a deserted island, really beginning to love this place!

picnic and BBQ time

fred and Tania

Although i was warned i soon realised that the measures in the drinks are mostly alcohol with a splash of mixer. After a few drinks i was really confused when driving back, as you're driving american cars, but on the english side of the road! (Tania was driving, as fred pointed out to me this was one of the advantages of having a pregnant girlfriend)
After only a few fantastic days i have to leave and go back to my reality. Amazing few days, but definitely a vacation within and adventure. 

yes - i am on a bicycle, good way to see parts of the island

just another day at the office

the 3 lovely hamilton sisters, and me

Tania, Sarah and Adam

toby, sarah, fred and me

the beaches

the views

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  1. Sheesh! That looks amazing!

    Oh and pass my best wishes on to the parents to be! Awesome news! Welcome to the club poor bastard. Just kidding, it's better than I can put into words and at least you know your nuts work.