Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 109 - Santa Elena

Distance travelled (by bike): 11,120

Leaving Santa Elena we headed up through the mountains to the Santa Elena cloud forest to embark on a canopy walk and zip lining. The canopy walk was 5km, wandering along trails through the forest then over suspension bridges that stretched across the valley. Unfortunately we didn't see any substantial wildlife (and no, you know who you are…there are no wild elephants in costa rica).
Finishing the trek we harnessed up and took off up the mountain to start the zip lining. 11 lines through the forest, the longest one was 1.2km. Amazing fun, flying through the tree canopies and over the valley. The longest line involved doubling up to increase weight, Holly harnessed in front of me, we started out decent, with our combined weight we easily achieved the distance.
Finishing we decided to celebrate, somehow we found black market beer in the middle of nowhere, we decided we were truly blessed and bought the beer (as no beer or liquor can be sold) as the sun started to set we returned to Santa Elena to have a traditional Costa Rican dinner with BA before he departed the following day.

holly wandering across one of the bridges

looking down at the tree canopies below


one of the larger bridges

Holly zip lining 

i can't believe we have beer!!!!

me, BA and holly

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