Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 113/114 - La Fortuna - San Jose/San Jose

Distance travelled (by bike): 11,360

Day 113 -
Waking early, (think Holly has had enough of the early starts) we drove through the mountains south, been early there was little traffic on the road. Though Holly did witness first hand the buses and trucks coming around the corners on the wrong side, after that i had a nervous pillion. Driving into San Jose the day was starting to heat up. First stop would be the BMW dealer to pick up new tyres. As alway these things take a lot longer than you think, finding the dealer and then purchasing the tyres (Holly slept in the dealership while we were waiting). Second and final stop was the hotel. Deciding it was Holly's last proper night in Costa Rica we headed out to fond a suitable place to celebrate!

letting the professionals change the rear tyre, the inevitable happened - 
sir, we recommend you replace your chain, sprockets, inner tubes, side stand and possibly bearings - 
ummm, at these prices, i think not!

holly passed out at the garage

Day 114 -
San Jose is a bit of a nothing city, too those that warned i know see your point! nothing really to see or or a great deal to do. We mooched around getting a feeling for the city before heading to the gold museum. The stories under the Plaza within vaults the museum documented the history of gold through the ages. Emerging into the light we then explored the National theatre. Later in the afternoon we met up with Sadie, Rachel, Gemma and Anne (Rachel, Gemma and Anne i had met in Argentina & bolivia) to celebrate holly's last night, after some food and drinks we left them to go out returning to the hotel to pack for tomorrow. Holy was leaving early, so i decided to leave the same time and try to get to Nicaragua.

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