Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 103 - Uvita

Distance travelled (by bike): 10,550

Action packed day. After a huge breakfast Andrew and Steve took us on a river/waterfall trek into the mountains. Trekking through the jungle, wading and swimming up rivers and scrambling over rocks we arrived at the final destination. A waterfall feeding into a deep pool in the middle of the jungle, with cliffs either side ideal to jump from.
Having done some cliff jumps, snorkelling, fishing and swimming we ventured back out the jungle for some lunch. 
After lunch we were invited to join the locals in a softball game. Softball was played (quite competitively) but the afternoon focussed more around the food (i was told the best pulled pork burgers in Costa Rica, they were really good!), drink and chat. When we had to hand the field over to the local football team everyone headed to the beach to swim and surf. (unfortunately not many photos)
As the sun started to set we left the beach and returned to the ranch for dinner, poker and a chance to collapse. Sadly time to move on tomorrow.

walking up river

the swimming hole

the cliffs around, perfect for jumping from

holly braving the 10 metre ledge

Andrew doing a back flip from 20 metres

having just conquered  the cliff jumps


swimming into the waterfall

Andrew serving burgers

one of the local kids taking part in the softball action


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