Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 86/87 - Panama city

 Distance travelled (by bike): 9750

Day 86 - having recovered form the trauma of getting the bike though customs i decided to have a days rest and recuperation. After a leisurely start to the day i had to brave the city a track down somewhere that sold auxiliary fuel cans (mine were confiscated by the columbian police), sounds easier than it was. After a couple of hours of looking in the most likely places i was told to head to the supermarket, where as i'd been told was a whole shelf of them! Returning to the hostel i secured them in place and called the BMW dealer to let them know i would be dropping the bike of the next morning. No problem, they were expecting it. 

Day 87 - The traffic is horrific, and the buses have fitted fog horns to be heard above the other horns!! The drive to the BMW dealer was hot, hectic and loud. Eventually making it i dropped off the bike, after a few hours the work that need to be done was agreed, if the dealer had his way they would have replaced most of the bike.
The taxi back to the hostel took an hour, the traffic in london is nothing compared to this. Safely back i was greeted by the owner, her friends and cold beer. After an evening getting the locals opinion on what to see, where to go, and when i should do it i decided to call it a night. it was another early start the following morning having booked a flight to the bahamas to see Fred and Tania rather than hanging around Panama waiting for the bike to be fixed. (now trying to justify it to myself).

not many photo's as i honesty haven't seen much yet.

another BMW dealer, think i'm becoming an expert, should be getting loyalty points 

more travellers bikes being fixed before mine

panama city

3 of the 4 beers produced in Panama, they are very proud of this fact!!

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