Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 107 - Montezuma - Tilaran

Distance travelled (by bike): 11,030

Breakfast of rice, beans and peppers…interesting, think the guy cooking was suffering from the night before! Heading off on the gravel roads along the coast around the Nicoya peninsula, with no real plan on what to see or where to stop we continued to twist through the mountains. Deciding to cut inland at Honda the landscape changed from jungle to open plains. There was nowhere to stop along the way so we continued, eventually hitting the Pan American highway we flipped a coin, north or south, we turn north. 
After consulting the map the town of Canas looked the perfect place to stop, however after driving into and around the town, we opted to continue into the mountains. Canas was a nothing town, with 2 options to stay at, both hugely overpriced and nothing of interest to see or do.
After 50km through the mountains on gravel and mud roads we arrived at Tilaran. A tiny town perched in the mountains, finding somewhere to stay we embarked on a 3km walk to the liqueur store. We were the only gringo's in town. Costa Rica stops selling alcohol over the easter celebration (Thursday to Sunday), though you can buy wine. Having stocked up on rum we returned and relaxing in the knowledge that we'd survive the Easter period.

holly's view of the roads

looking through the valley

one of the locals escaping for the weekend

pink flamingoes

consulting the map!

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