Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 95/96/97 - Panama city

Distance travelled (by bike): 9875

Day 92 - Horrific rain! The only aim today was to retrieve my motorbike and hoping it was repaired. After waiting all morning, doing menial jobs ,finally i got the call…the bike was done! Braving the horrific rain i raced to the dealers to pick up the bike. After all the paperwork was done and money exchanged i got the keys to a bike that worked, at last. 

Day 93 - Repairing and replacing parts on the bike that i was not prepared to pay BMW to do and preparing for Holly's arrival. After a little ride around Panama city to make sure the bikes ok i returned to the hostel and tried to squeeze as much information as possible out of the fellow overlanders that are staying at the hostel regarding routes and the condition of roads through Panama and Costa Rica. Due to the rain some of the smaller roads have been washed out and are impassable at the moment. 

Day 94 - Holly arrived this morning, spent the remainder of the day sipping on beers, sorting out the luggage, replacing more parts on the bike that were bought out from the UK (bike finally sorted) and poring over maps and routes from the information i gathered yesterday. Plans have been made, tomorrow the old town, from there time to get moving north! 

old fishing harbour, Casco Viejo (San Felipe)

panama city

old town at night

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