Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 105 - Manuel Antonio

Distance travelled (by bike): 10,630

Mangrove tour! we were told the area the mangrove park covered was approximately 60,000acres, we saw a tiny bit! After been grilled by an American criminal psychologist over  a traditional Costa Rican lunch i was relieved when we set out on our boat with our guide to explore the vast networks of canals through the park, leaving the psychologist behind.
As we floated through the canals the vast scale of the park was becoming apparent. There is a huge amount of wildlife living in this environment, but seeing them depends on luck, we were quite lucky, seeing lots of inquisitive monkeys, the silky anteater (the smallest species, measuring only 15 inches) a boa constrictor and loads of birds. 
Returning to Manuel Antonio we took a stroll to a bar. The bar, La Avion is inside an American  C-123 military Aeroplane which crashed in Costa Rica in the 50's. Rumour has it it was some CIA operation. Very unique place.

setting off into the park


the anteater (sleeping)

boa constritor 

sunset over the park

inside the plane

the bar!

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