Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 101 - David

Distance travelled (by bike): 10,250

After the drama of yesterday we decided to stay in David  for the day and explore. We heard of some thermal springs outside of the city and decided that that would be a good destination. Arriving at the village closest to the hot springs we had to walk 4km along a rough track to the entrance. Walking through a path in the woods we met the owner of the property where the hot springs are located, he showed us around then just wandered off. With the hot springs been so far off the beaten track there were only 3 other people in the pools. There were 3 pools all of different temperatures and a river running along the edge of the property which was used as a plunge pool. While we were in one of the pools a monkey rummaged though our bag and stole a bottle of water, was amazing to see him unscrew the top and drink. With the sun high in the sky we embarked on the 4km trek back to the village. No fainting today...yet! Retuning to the hostel we loaded up the bike ready for the border crossing into Costa Rica the following morning.

the 'tree house' been built at the hostel, i wanted to help but was told to leave them alone!

one of the 3 thermal pools

looking from the hostel into the back garden

the river at the edge of the hot springs

holly testing the water in one of the pools

the monkey

...drinking the stolen water

the path into the hot springs


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  1. Hi Joe, I finally asked RobT for the URL of your blog and I just read the whole thing. Very interesting, many familiar places, and you sure have a knack for describing the many mishaps and challenges. In comparison, our trip was mild. But I had to go home from Zimbabwe with a broken thumb and a few other scrapes and bruises.

    If you get up to Michigan, USA, you are welcome to stay here and regroup. I also have a good contact in Southern Texas, near San Antonio, for excellent GS repair at resonable cost.

    Take care,