Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 116 - Ometepe - Granada

Distance travelled (by bike): 11,890

Catching the 9am ferry from Moyogalpa to San Jorge del Sur i met a fellow biker called Sigi, a german who teaches in the states. Disembarking off the ferry we decided to get some breakfast along the beach, not settling for the first place and because the ride was fun we drove 2 km along the beach, then stopped. Breakfast over i headed back on the road north to Granada and Sigi south to Costa Rica. 
Nicaragua is very hot! Though the drive isn't a great distance it was really draining to ride in the intense heat with all the gear on, i was drinking a over a litre of water an hour ad i'm sure i was sweating more out.. 
Arriving at Granada i found the hostel that had been recommended, parked the bike and quickly stripped out of my bike stuff, peeling off my boots i did feel a little sorry for those that had to share the dorm that night.
Granada is a colonial city, evident the moment you start to drive or walk thought. the streets are one way, narrow with lots of building restoration happening due to the influx of foreign investor in the region.

looking back to the island

sigi and his bike on the beach

bike on the beach (as the side stand is temperamental i had to lean it on a post)

Guadalupe Church

Cathedral of Granada

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