Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 111/112 - Santa Elena - La Fortuna/La Fortuna

Distance travelled (by bike): 11,230

Day 111
Amazing mountain roads that skirted around the side of laguna de Arenal. Leaving Monte Verde we had to back track 60Km to get fuel, then continuing north around the top of laguna de Arenal to return south on the other side. This is the only way to get from Monte Verde to La Fortuna as the road to the south was washed out, it might have been worth a try had i had more time and without Holly on the back, as it was, not a risk worth taking. 
Taking our time we meandered around the lake avoiding potholes, dogs and oncoming traffic. Approaching La Fortuna we saw the volcano, unfortunately the lava had stopped flowing last month, massive disappointment! 
Once stopped, unloaded and settled we went for a wonder around the town and booked tickets to the hot springs the following day. 

laguna de Arenal

holly and the bike on the shore of laguna de Arenal


staying out the sun

the main plaza at la fortuna

Day 112
Hot springs, leaving the hostel at 10am we were one of the first people at the springs. Although its quite touristy it was well worth the visit. 28 different hot pools, all at different temperatures, 4 cold pools, water slides and plunge pools! We left the hot springs at 5pm, just as it was starting to get busy with the evening tourists. 
Back at the hostel we met another biker called Ben from New York, he drove from NY to Panama and is now on his way back up. After talking routes etc, i'm hoping to meet him in Nicaragua and do some of the journey north with him. Holly having finished her book, just grinned, trying not to look bored!

mine and bens bikes parked infront of the volcano


holly splashing into one of the hot pools

hot springs with volcano behind

hot springs

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  1. That looks like a terrible place to be Mr Jackson. I'm sure things will improve and the ablution resources will be better equipped in future.

    PS - I hate you.