Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 106 - Manuel Antonio - Montezuma

Distance travelled (by bike): 10,780

Off early again along the coast heading north. The original destination was scrapped after talking to other travellers, the Aim was to get a long the coast, stop and get the ferry over to the Nicoya peninsula tomorrow. We only stopped to see the crocodiles! As we got to Puntarenas, we realised there was nothing worth stopping for, so as luck would have it we managed to get the 11am ferry to Paquera. About 2 hours later we were driving along the coastal road of Nicoya, heading to Montezuma. This area looked and felt like it has been transplanted form the Caribbean. The roads were gravel and dirt, and from what the locals said, not many motorbikes ever come this way. Having avoided most of the potholes, roadworks and other drivers we arrived at Montezuma, lucky to find somewhere to stay due to the easter holidays. Montezuma has a very laid back atmosphere, but certainly takes advantage of the tourists that folk here, nice, but agreed one night is enough.

views from the road along the coast


bike wedged at the front of the ferry

beach at montezuma

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