Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 102 - David - Uvita (Costa Rica)

Distance travelled (by bike): 10,530

Leaving at Dawn to get to the border before most of the buses and other traffic, we arrived about 7am. After customs checking the bike we stamping out of Panama. Driving 200 metres up the road after clearing Costa Rican customs ourselves the ritual of temporarily importing the bike to Costa Rica began. 
Unlike anywhere else so far i had to get the whole of my passport copied (at an official copy shop) along with all the bike documents. When i though it was ready to be processed i was sent to but insurance. Finally with stacks of photocopies i was issued the import papers. 
Driving into Costa Rica the scenery dramatically changed, described by Holly as 'lush greens'. We were soon driving through the mountains, then cut west to drive along the shoreline. Amazing beaches! 
We were staying at Rancho deAndrew, a place that had been recommended by a fellow biker called Vince.  The roads to get up to the ranch were amazing, bad gravel, steep drops either side and amazing scenery. The ranch is in the middle of the jungle, on a mountain overlooking a valley with the sea beyond. If your going to this area in Costa Rica i highly recommend you stay here. 
After dumping our stuff, Andrew and his mate steve mentioned they were going surfing, did we want to join them…yes. Spending the remainder of the afternoon swimming and having a few beers on the beach we returned to the ranch for dinner. 

the track i wanted to take, but decided against it with holly and luggage on the back.

the road driving up to the ranch

parked up at the ranch

road leading to the ranch


steve making the best of bad surf

driving back to the ranch (andrew & steve)

in the surf

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