Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 159/160 - Las Vegas

What a change from the last few days, the lights, the people, the energy. It took a while for the reality of being in Vegas to sink in. 
Jonathan & Suki arrived in the early afternoon. I spent the morning wondering down the strip trying to take in a percentage of the sights, there are a lot! The temperature was 96, just getting to hot to wonder around, so stayed in the A/C comfort of the casino's. 
Returning to the hotel i met Jonathan & Suki and spent the rest of the days catching up and relaxing. By Vegas standards we called it an early night, with J&S having slight jet lag, the food and drink consumed it was no bad thing.
Huge breakfast, truly engaging with the excess that Las Vegas is known for. A quick detour back to the airport to pick up a hire car and spending the afternoon exploring more of the casinos and sights. The casinos really are amazing. The sheer size and scale of everything is unreal. Its easy to see how people can stay at the tables for 24 hours, all the casinos twist reality, you slowly lose the sense of time and direction.
After an amazing meal watching the fountain shows at the Bellagio we wandered back to our hotel. Tomorrow the journey continues, though for the next week i'll be on four wheel not two.

new york new york


looking from the bellagio over to paris

inside the bellagio

st marks square in the venetian

the canal in the venetian


bellagio watershow

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