Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 170 - Las Vegas - Phoenix

Distance travelled (by bike): 20,520 miles

It was fantastic to have seen Jonathan & Suki, got off the bike for a week and relaxed, but equally if felt good to be back on the road this morning. 
After goodbyes, I set off back through Vegas, down to kingsman, though I hate backtracking it had to be done. From Kingman it was a simple route to Phoenix. 
The route may have been simple, but it took time to ride. The problem i was having was the heat, one of the temperature read outs at the side of the road had the temperature at 113 degrees, the heat was draining, but the wind was the killer. Heavy, hot, dry gusts meant riding at an angle, the jacket had to be done up to stop the wind heating me up even more. I stopped a lot to cool down and rehydrate. What should have been a relatively easy day turned into a chore!!

loaded up about to leave Veags

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